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  • Do your prices include shipping charges?
    No, All prices mentioned on this website are not include of shipping charges.  Shipping charges will include when you finished shopping and go to check out then we add shipping charges . 
  • Where do you ship from?   
    Our headquarter is located in Jaipur (India). All the items are shipped directly from the headquarter Jaipur (India) to you through international shipments.
  • How do you ship ?
     We use various Shipping options like EMS, FedEx, UPS, . If you have an account with UPS or FedEx, we can send the consignment on "freight collect" basis , if desired.
  • How long does it take for the item to be delivered?
    Normally the shipping company will take anywhere from 5-10 working days for delivery of your package all over the world. But If you are located in India then it will take lesser time.
  • Which countries do you ship to?
     We ship World Wide by EMS,UPS or FedEx..
  • What is your minimum order Amount?
    Our minimum order amount is US$100 with minimum 1 pieces each item you buy. Since we ship directly from India, we incur significant shipping costs, which make it difficult to ship low value packages.
  • What are your shipping charges?
    In order to make our ordering process smoother and quicker we charge most of our customers a  standard shipping charges.
  • Do I have to pay any charges other than purchase price and shipping?
    Since your items will be shipped internationally, it is possible that you might be charged a Customs Duty by the government of your country. The rules and rates related to Customs Duty vary widely from country to country and it not possible for us to predict or control those. We try our best to make sure that our customers are charged actual Customs Duty by taking all the necessary steps. But in case, the customer is charged a higher custom duty, then it is the customers responsibility to pay it.
  • Do you Custom Manufacture the designs?
    Our company will quickly manufacture any jewellery design your desire, Since we are the factory you will get the best price from us! If you have an actual sample of the item you want manufactured kindly get in touch with our sales department. If you are a jewelry designer and have a blue print or you only have a picture of the product you want manufactured, kindly contact out Fashion design department.  Click here to contact our custom manufacturing department.


The payment options available to our customers are:

  • Credit Card: The most convenient method of payment, we will accept your Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard & American Express payments through our secure payments system. 
  • Wire Transfer: We also accept money transferred through electronic wire transfer directly to our bank account:
  • PayPal: We also accept money through PayPal account


  • How often do you add new products?
    We have a big team of Designers in our IT department and they design & uploading the new products/items day by day.
  • How do I know when new products have been added to your site?
    We send newsletter to all our Existing customers, whenever we add new range of our products. So we are inviting our new customers to registered in the newsletter section
  • Are your silver items real silver? Yes, all the silver jewellery items we sell are real silver.